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    Luminara Unduli and barriss Offee by keychild

    OMG the details here are amazing! THEIR CLOAKS MATCH!!! -is dead from the incredibleness-

    Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee from Star Wars: The Phantom’s Menace at Desucon, 2011. Photography by Petri Haikonen.

    We should wear these costumes in some future con, because we too like them a lot!


    To be brief, “What yours is mine” and “You are mine”… This whole planet is just a plaything for Enoshima Junko.”

    And solo pics of my Junko Enoshima cosplay! Damn, I looked banging.

    Wearing this was great cause I felt so good and looked so good. My feet died though and at the end of the day I was walking like a drunk, but it was worth it.

    Pictures were taken by a friend.

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